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Sound Familiar, Girl?

Do dream about leaving your unsatisfying job for a career full of passion and creativity? 

Have the freedom to work with whoever you want and from anywhere in the world? 

However, everyone around you telling you NOT to do it because they worry that it won’t work out, even other  creative souls are out there doing their thing. 

And you’re desperate to make it a reality.

I get it girl...I used be just like you...

I’m Laura, and I used to be like you.  I’m a lover of all things of Travel and Photography! (amongst other things!)  I’m a Food & Beverage Shift Leader turned Travel Photographer, Graphic Designer and Creative Travel Content Creator & Coach,  as well as creator of Floss’ Adventures. 

Here at Floss’ Adventures, it’s my mission to teach multi-passionate travelpreneurs how to capture truly beautiful moments of their adventures which tell their stories with confidence in their creative skills. 


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Check out the latest episode of The Floss’ Adventures Show here. We talk about all things Travel, Photography, Creativity and Instagram, amongst other things! Brand new sparkling episodes air EVERY Thursday. You can also catch the show on YouTube and IGTV. 

Ready for some one-on-one help?  Check out my Signature Creative Services as well as my exclusive coaching programme. 

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