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Know the feeling when you have dream, but have no idea where to start or even make it possible because you realise that life is too short? 
Worried that your ever growing bucket list will a million and one things to do and see is ever going to be achieved? 
Fear what your family, friends, co-workers and partners will say about your crazy and amazing life that you  want to live? 
Everything you see on the internet  seems overwhelming, confusing, and hear yourself saying, ‘yeah right, that’s not ever going to happen for me.’ 
Are you nodding your head and shouting ‘OMG! THAT IS ME!!!’  like an absolutely crazy person. 
Let me ask you this….  
Are YOU ready to Brave, Adventurous, daring enough to take that risk into the unknown and live the best possible life? 
Are YOU ready to take those first steps into creating a life of freedom, adventure, creativity and purpose? 
Are YOU ready to create your story? 
Answered with a  Hell Yeah…then I’m your girl. 


I’m Laura.  I’m creative focus behind Floss’ Adventures.  I’m a lover of travel, Pinterest and all things creative. 
Backed with my life long passion to discover new places and creative story-telling, as well as to live the best life possible, I have made it my mission to inspire and empower passionate, travel-loving  millennials to give them the ability to own and share their adventures in a creative ways without fear and regret.  
For me, this means combining my love of travel and creative in a way that makes sense, that will give me the clarity and purpose that I was missing, which my current day job is no longer giving me.  
I’ll admit it has been struggle to figure out how to make work.  I knew I wanted to travel more and by starting a travel blog as a way to share my adventures  around the world and made myself accountable to carry through on my goal to travel more. 
However, there are hundreds and thousands travel blogs on the internet and I needed to find the one thing that would me stand out, unique to what the other travel blogger where and are doing.  

The Aah Moment

Just before my 26th birthday in June 2018, it finally clicked what my purpose is supposed to be with Floss’ Adventures. It was how to share your adventures in creative, unique and personals  ways, such as Journalling/Scrapbooking, writing, photography and videography. 
And the thing that inspired that moment? 
An A3 Red Scrapbook with Lion King Stickers on it which was created from a family holiday to Mallorca when I was 6.  
It was in this moment that I realised that I have always loved hearing  travel stories, wherever it was from my grandparents when growing up, my friends, my parents or my work colleagues. I also realised that while many travel blogger can share their travels, tips and advice, however, no-one  don’t own their adventures.  

Own your Adventures? Laura, how the hell do you “own” your story?

When I mean own, I mean share their unique and personal relationship with that destination that will inspire many like-minded people and encourage them to find their own their unique and personal relationship with their travels.

My vision for Floss’ Adventures is to build a strong community full of passionate, adventurous woman who have the ability to inspire, motivate, support  each other no matter what. 

The Vision and Values

To make this vision work, there are 5 brand values which everyone who is apart of the Floss’ Adventures community must believe in. 

Belief 1 || Dream Big & Be Real

We all have big dreams, goals and life that want to achieve, come true and live. However there is only one you and one life in this universe. That is a pretty big scary idea. However, the time is now to start making those big dreams, goals and life a reality.

Sometimes, we have fear and doubts about how to get there, that they are too big and crazy that you feel that will never happen, feel that they are not good enough to make it work and become something the we are not. That’s not cool because we strongly believe in being honest, authentic version of yourself.

When you ready to make this decision, we are ready to help in anyway we can through our posts, videos, weekly email newsletters, social media, and our community groups.

Belief 2 || Inspire

To inspire like-minded women across the world, like you, to live the best possible life, by exploring the world and create a story that you are proud of. We have extensive travel guides to get your travel bug going and stories of inspirational people and how they created the lives that they wanted.

Belief 3 || Passionate & Adventurous

Being passionate and adventurous is what the Floss’ Adventures community is full of. To be passionate and adventurous means taking those big dreams and make them a reality to help you live the best life possible.

Belief 4 || Creating Your Own Story

We all have a story to tell. Now matter where you are in your story right now, we will give the tools and advice to help create a story that you can be proud of.

Belief 5 || Community

We are here for you! We want to help and support anyway that we can, we want to celebrate your success, we want to catch you when things don’t work the way you wanted to. We will find and give answers that you need to help you progress with your story. 

Final Words...

Yeah sure,  I’ll do ALL they typical travel blogging posts because they are relevant to my niche and to you, but what makes me different  to everyone else out in travel blog land is that I’m taking travel blogging to the NEXT LEVEL .  I am doing this by sharing my unique and personal relationships and feelings with my adventures and to inspire YOU do the same. 


Ready to live the BEST possible life full of adventures, purpose, creativity and freedom? 

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