Ever looked at your bucket list and wonder how on earth you’re going to get to the million and one places on that list? 

Use the “I don’t have enough money and time to do it” and the “I don’ t have anyone to go with” excuses? 

Dream about quitting your day job and pursue for ever-growing bucket list? 

Worry about what your family and friends would think about your crazy and awesome dreams? 

 Feel overwhelmed and confused about where to start because you realise that life is too short not to go for it? 

Do you want to have the confidence to  travel by yourself and not worry about what your friends and family thinks? (and everyone else for that matter!) 

Bring back joy, passion fulfilment and adventure back into your life? 

Be able to find a career that will allow you the freedom to pursue your travel bucket list? 

Hell YEAH, I hear? Well, you’re in the right place.

Hey! I'm Laura.

I’m the founder and creative force behind Floss’ Adventures. I’m also a F&B Shift Leader turned Travel Writer, Photographer, Graphic Designer and Coach. I’m a lover of Travel, Sports, Photography, Creativity and Digital Media. 

It’s my mission to help travel dreamers, like you, to pursue their bucket lists and share their stories with Freedom, Confidence and Joy. 

To help achieve this mission, there are 3 core beliefs that Floss’ Adventures stand for, they are; 

Belief #1 || Anything is Possible. NO matter how BIG Your dreams are.

We have dreams of places that have always wanted to go to but never quite got there yet. We tell ourselves that one day we will get to go to our dream destinations. However, there are days that feel that dream is so far away that you think to yourself that you will never make it there. Trust Me.  I’ve been there and I know how discouraging it feels. I’m here to prove to you that all your travel dreams (and more!) are possible when you put your mind to it. You have just got to believe that your dreams and goals are yours for the taking as well.  

Belief #2 || Friendship & Support Each Other.

We’re all in this together. (I bet you’re singing that in your head!) We all want the same thing here, to travel more, pursue our bucket lists and create memories that will last forever.  I’ll be here to support, encourage, inspire, motivate, advise you in any way that I can help you along with the hundreds of travel-loving lasies who will with you every step of the way. 

Belief #3 || Be Passionate & Adventurous. Always.

Travel is all about passion and adventure. It’s the reason why we love it so much. For us, it’s not about sitting around the pool all day, every day. (While it does sound good to do every now and then!) It’s all about embracing, experiencing and exploring the local culture, the history, amazing food and drink, going off the beaten track, getting lost in another world which isn’t like home or even your every day life. 

So why listen to me and not the thousands of other travel bloggers out there?  Because I know exactly how you feel. I’m on the same journey that you are on, I might be a few steps ahead but I totally understand the fears, doubts, over-thinking and the need for everything to be perfect for the right time , the right place to go all in on your dreams because once upon a time that was me. 

Are there days where I still struggle with all these feelings and thoughts? Hell Yes, but it isn’t stopped me going after what I want and by sharing my journey and the lesson that I have learnt along the way. 

I hope  that it will encourage, inspire and even motivate you to do the same. That you will get to experience the same freedom, confidence and joy that I feel every single day knowing that I’m going after the life that I want. 


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