How to Make More Time to Travel.

One of the most frequent questions that I get ‘How do I make make the time to travel more?’ It is especially hard you have many commitments, such as work, family and other social commitments that you have going on.

So, today I am going to share my some of my top tips on how you can start to make more time to travel more.

One of the most frequent questions that I get ‘How do I make make the time to travel more?’

1|| Make Use of Annual Holiday Leave

This is one is pretty obvious one to most of us. It’s there for a reason and it is a perfectly normal thing to do. I would suggest to use it wisely, meaning don’t go using all your annual holiday leave at once as you want go without it for the rest of the year and you need it if an emergency comes up!

2||Ask For Time Off

The work/life balance is something that increasingly becoming more important than ever before in the workplace. If you are out holiday leave and really want to get away for a couple days, this is something that you should consider. As along that you are reasonable with your request, like a 2 to 3 days, most employers will be more than happy to give you.

It is worth noting to make sure that you give your employer plenty of notice in case they need to get someone to cover you while you are off!

One of the most frequent questions that I get ‘How do I make make the time to travel more?’

3 || Use Public Holiday Weekends (and weekends in General)

This is a good way to travel more, WITHOUT using your annual holiday, which is a MASSIVE score!! and also give more days to go exploring the wonderful places of the world without missing a single day of work.  

An of this example, if you going during a public holiday weekend,you can leave on a Friday Night, after work, spend the weekend at chosen destination and come back Monday night in time to be back at work on Tuesday Morning.  It is isn’t a public holiday you can, again, leave on a Friday after work and

The major disadvantage of doing this is that the prices is generally the prices is higher, than they normally would be as it during a ‘Holiday’.

One of the most frequent questions that I get ‘How do I make make the time to travel more?’

4 || Travel During Quiet Periods at Work.

If your work is seasonal, where you are busier and work a sh*t-load of hours certain times of the years than others, such as Weddings Season and Holiday Season. However, there are other times where you quite and don’t work as many as hours as normal.

So, take advantage go the least hours that you are working and go exploring new places, before you become super busy again at work!!

5 || Use Your Day Offs’ during the Week.

Now, if you work with public then having weekends the off to go travelling is not always possible and your day offs are more likely to take place during the week when everyone else is busy at work. But who’s says you can’t travel during the week instead? You do when you are on annual holiday leave.

However, the big advantage of this is that places are generally are quieter than the weekends and price CAN also be cheaper than visiting attractions and staying in hotels on the weekend.  

6 || Make Travel a Priority!

Sometimes, you just need to change your priorities to be able to tick off the many places that you have on your bucket list. While this is easier said than done because it means that you might have to miss certain social commitments with your friends and family.

By also making travel a priority will impact your everyday life, from what you spend your money on which will ultimately help you funds more of your  travels.

7 || Finding Really Good Travel Deals

It might always be the destination that influence your decision where to go, it can possible the travel deals that you find all over the internet, especially when the deals that you can use over weekends or during the week when you are off.

The destinations and accommodations might not all be glamorous but every penny counts when you are travelling and  if it gives you a chance to explore a new place and revisit your favourites.

One of the most frequent questions that I get ‘How do I make make the time to travel more?’

Over to you…

I want to know what is your biggest struggle when coming to find more time to travel more?

Do you have a favourite way to make more time to travel?

Leave a comment and let me know!

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